Some studies have investigated the positive effects of parental beliefs on children’s learning.

Studies have shown that compared with children without parental involvement, these children will show a more active learning attitude, better attendance rate and better homework habits when their parents are involved in the children’s learning. …

This beautiful world is full of many novel and exciting surprises. There are many ways to explore the unknown.

In the development of human civilization, research is the procedure or process of investigating, recording and analyzing the evidence obtained for establishing a knowledge system.

It can be said that…

The wine in the golden cup was of extraordinary value, and the dishes in the jade plate were precious.

However, my feelings of sadness made me put down the silverware, and I was not in the mood to eat.

I pulled out my Longquan sword and looked around, feeling…

From my blind friends’ description of the experience of taking transportation vehicles, I got some understanding about their situational spatiality.

When traveling to the destination, their habituated body recognizes the familiar settings to help them complete the journey.

One description is typical; I transcribed it as follows:

“If there…

Dance movement therapy is an alternative way to aid someone with a disturbed emotional condition.

This somatic intelligence can be used to tailor for the individual with special needs, such as children with emotional and communication difficulties, Autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or depressed adolescents.

The developing discipline…

In view of the interdependence between countries on the world economy, as well as the rapid development of transportation and information technology, people interact and communicate more frequently in modern civilization.

Thus, the boundary between and among countries has become blurred; the global village phenomenon has formed. Under this…

I missed my family; I didn’t know if they were doing well.

Overlooking the world from above, I noticed that society criticized my family, neighbors despised my parents. I’m sorry for my family was implicated by my unreasonable charges.

The wrongful conviction had brought dishonor on my family.


Deborah had a chat with Charlotte during lunchtime.

Deborah: I watched a movie recently. The title of the movie was “Just Mercy”. Charlotte : How was the movie?

Deborah: The film was fantastic. It’s even better than my expectation. The movie never runs out of steam. …

優瑞卡與賽琪兩人, 是無話不談的知心好朋友.

她們倆人在下午茶休息時間,聚在一塊兒, 聊聊家常, 向彼此吐露心事.

優瑞卡: 嘿,怎麼了?你看起來無精打采, 發生了什麼事情讓你這樣悶悶不樂?

賽琪 : 我在教會裡被一個姐妹坑陷了.

優瑞卡: 你可以告訴我更多相關的細節嗎?

賽琪 : 這個姐妹看似虔誠, 表露出清心愛主的情懷並且熱心參與教會服事.

當我以新人之姿踏入教堂時, 她熱情地歡迎我, 並對我表現出關懷的善意.

現在回想起來, 那是The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

我誤以為她是個值得信任的道友, 於是把我人生的苦難都一五一十地告訴了她.

在她知道我的遭遇之後, 對我的態度有了180度的急遽轉變.

除了瞧不起我的出身, 還變本加厲地以上帝之名詛咒我.

她是一個騙子, 也是一個拐子, 玩弄我於股掌之間, 把我耍得團團轉.

優瑞卡:讓我猜猜看, 您所談論的是頂港有名聲,下港上出名的某某某.

客串惡魔的天使 抑或客串天使的惡魔? 第2集 最是人間留不住,朱顏辭鏡花辭樹 ~~ 雙語劇場 — YouTube



優瑞卡: 過獎了, 我受寵若驚. 事實上, 她是教會裡出了名的禍根. 正所謂: 一粒老鼠屎, 壞了一鍋粥.

她打從娘胎起, 就含著金湯匙出生, 有著家境優渥的顯赫背景, 並且還遺傳了美麗動人的優良基因.

她從年輕時倚姣作媚, 顛倒眾生. 力圖成為鎂光燈下眾人注目的焦點, 無處不在散發她的強大氣場 (powerful presence). 這些生活中的場景屢屢滋養茁壯了她那以自我為中心, 自私自利的自戀狂人格. 賽琪: 這樣看起來世界就是她的牡蠣. 不, 教會是她的牡蠣. 她可以為所欲為, 任性刁蠻. 優瑞卡: 時至今日, 既然她已經年華老去了, 再也沒有男人會簇擁著她, 把她當成公主看待.

她對你的態度是一種人生失落感的代償現象. 她以羞辱妳來發洩她心中的積怨, 她踐踏著妳的尊嚴來滿足她脆弱的優越感.

就像這首詞中所描述的 : “最是人間留不住, 朱顏辭鏡花辭樹” 賽琪: 這是什麼意思? 您能為我詳細解說這首中國詩詞是什麼涵義嗎?

Poetic Mindfulness

slow down my brain, breathe deeply, foster present-moment awareness, keep an open and friendly mind to appreciate what is going on in and around me.

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